Electric Fly Killers

Here at Thames Valley Pest Control we supply, install and service a wide range of quality electric fly killers in both electric grid and glue board formats.

In sensitive areas where food is prepared and served we advise glue board units are used as all flying insects attracted to the unit are safely contained on the glue board, where as when a flying insect makes contact on the electric grid tiny parts of the fly can be projected up to 2 meters out of the unit.

FLY-SHIELD 1, 2, 4

The Insect-a-clear FLY-SHIELD range comprises three models, the FLY-SHIELD 1, 2 and 4. It is the ideal alternative to conventional high voltage machines. Models 1 and 2 are suitable for front of house flying insect control where discreet management is required. Model 4 is suitable for larger areas where suspending the machine gives a massive 360 sq metre approx. coverage.

  • Approx. coverage – up to 180 sq. metres

  • Voltage - 230v

  • Total Watts - 36w

  • Backlight lamp - 2 x 18w T8 UVA

  • Finish – Grained stainless

  • Construction – 430 stainless steel

  • Guarantee - 2 years (except lamps and glue board). Terms and conditions apply

  • CE approved and tested to BSEN 60598-1:2008

With its innovative design, the Saturn 22 is recommended for use in offices, non-food shops and non-food warehouses.

The unit is constructed in such a way that the UV-A light emission is 360 degrees around the unit. The Saturn 22 has an all metal housing and uses a powerful UV-A lamp to lure insects into its trap. Once the insects are inside the unit, they will be effectively controlled by means of a high tension grid.


• Multiple mounting positions or free standing.
• Durable housing.
• Easy to service - direct access to lamp and grid.
• 22w circular UV tube.
• Effective coverage of areas up to 60 - 80m2.

Dimensions: 365mm(w) x 358mm(h) x 139mm(d).





With its discrete design, the Aurora 30 is recommended for use in shops and restaurants and dry industrial environments. The unit can be wall mounted; the separate mounting strip offers easy maintenance & service.

The Aurora 30 has a transparent front grid, with the housing made of durable ABS plastic cover and white powder coated steel. Once the insects enter the unit, they are effectively controlled by means of a centrally placed glue board.


• Easy to service, stylish and effective. 
• The unit can be mounted onto the wall. 
• The transparent front grid offers discretion and improved efficacy. 
• Glue board discreetly placed behind the lamp. 
• High powered effective UV-A lamp. 
• Effective coverage of areas up to 50 m. 
• Metal housing with durable ABS cover. 
• Easy to service with direct access to lamp, board and starter. 
• 30% improved performance over conventional units due to its unique attraction grid, which reflects the light onto the landing spot thereby stimulating the landing behavior of flying insects.


Dimensions (LxWxD) 470 x 325 x 100 mm



High quality brushed stainless steel fly machine.
• Easy to service.
• Effective coverage of areas up to 80 - 100m2.
• Durable stainless steel housing.
• Discreet sleek design.
• Takes 2 x 18" 15w UV tubes.


Dimensions: 490mm(w) x 307mm(h) x 73mm(d)

Colour coded end caps available. Blue, Green & Red.



Durable stainless steel housing


• Easy to service 
• Suitable for wall/ceiling mounting or free standing 
• Discreet sleek design


Tube: 3 x 18” 15watt


Coverage: 120-150m2


Dimensions: 524mm(w) x 370mm(h) x 91mm(d)



High quality brushed stainless steel glue board fly machine.
• Easy to service.
• Effective coverage of areas up to 80 - 100m2.
• Durable stainless steel housing.
• Discreet sleek design.
• Takes 2 x 18" 15w UV tubes.


Dimensions: 490mm(w) x 307mm(h) x 73mm(d)



Durable metal construction

• Suitable for wall mounting or free standing 
• Lightweight compact unit


Tube 2 x 18” 15watt 
Coverage: 90-120m2


Dimensions: 470mm(w) x 285mm(h) x 90mm(d)

The Insect-a-clear COMPACT 15 has been designed for use in restaurants, food shops, kitchen areas, fast food outlets etc., indeed anywhere where flying insects present a problem. It’s ideal where ceiling height or wall space is restricted and can be wall mounted, suspended or free standing. The outer casings are made from steel which is then powder coated white.




  • Approx. coverage – 30 / 40 sq. metres

  • Voltage - 230v

  • Total Watts - 40w

  • Backlight lamp - 1 x 15w

  • UVA Finish – Powder coated white

  • Construction – Zintec coated steel, powder coated white

  • Guarantee - 5 years (except lamps, starters and glue board).Terms and conditions apply

  • CE approved and tested to BS EN 60335-2-59


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