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Bed bugs  (Cimex lectularius)




Bedbugs are on the rise, with recent reports suggesting incidences worldwide have risen by over 500% factors linked to this epidemic are increased international travel and immigration.


They can infest dwellings in several ways, you may acquire bedbugs whilst staying at a bed and breakfast or hotel where they can be transported back in your luggage, or by bringing infested second hand furniture or clothing into the home.


Although their name suggests they only reside in and around your bed, they will also harbour anywhere you spend a reasonable amount of time away from the bedroom ie; sofas, chairs, etc in the lounge, desk etc


The size of an infestation differs greatly, depending on the time that has lapsed from the initial infestation.
Bedbugs can take harbourage 15 – 20 feet away from the host and will awakened by the carbon dioxide you breathe out, they bite their host to feed and the following irritation is very unpleasant.


Bed bug fecal spots appear similar to marker pen stains
Bedbugs at different growth stages and cast skins
  • LIFECYCLE:    Can live for up to 200 days, females will produce 2-3 eggs per day over her lifetime, following initial insemination.

  • LENGTH:       Up to 6 mm (adult)  depending  on stage.

  • APPEARANCE:   Oval shaped, when unfed bed bugs are pale brown and appear flattened, once fed they become a darker brown, and inflate.

  • HABITATS & HABITS:   All stages of this nocturnal parasite feed on human blood, Hiding in the cracks and crevices of beds, headboards, skirting boards and furniture by day, when they detect Co2 they emerge to feed.

Bed bug problems can be difficult to fully eliminate yourself due to their known insecticide resistance and they harbour in the tiniest of cracks and crevices, professional treatment will consist of multiple visits using a range of highly effective insecticides, after the initial survey we will give you a booklet detailing recommendations pre/post treatment.


Recommended washing settings to aid removal

of Bedbugs in sheets and fabrics:


Washing: 3.2kg Hot – 60°C – 30 minute non-biological detergent wash killed all life stages.

Tumble Dry: 3.2kg Hot dry – 30 minutes – 40/45°C killed all stages.

Dry Cleaning: (perchloroethylene) killed all life stages.

Freezing: 2.5kg for 2 hours at -17°C then 8 hours to get clothes and items to -17°C, takes total 10 hours of treatment killed all life stages.

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