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Pigeons  (columba livia)




Feral pigeons (also known as city doves or street pigeons) are the dominant pest bird species found in the UK with numbers estimated to top 18 million. 


The modern day pigeon originates from coastal rock doves that lived on cliff faces thousands of years ago, these rock doves were domesticated by man, then returned to the wild, over time they have adapted to urban life with ease, swapping the high cliffs for our buildings and structures.


Their droppings contain a highly corrosive acidic component that can cause a great deal of damage to property and can also cause a slip hazard.


Mating pigeon pairs can hatch up to 6 broods per year, making a small pigeon problem turn into a drastically bigger one in a short amount of time.






We provide swift and humane bird removal and a range of proofing and deterrents.










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