Cockroaches are one of the most significant public health pests, carrying diseases such as Typhoid, Dysentery, Poliomyelitis, Gastroenteritis and Salmonella.


They are more commonly found in commercial premises where food is being produced or handled, such as restaurants and catering establishments. However, they are just as common in domestic settings where they live in kitchens and drains.


Cockroaches are nocturnal insects, that spend the daytime hours hiding in crevices and cracks close to sources of food and water, such as kitchen appliances, around sinks and in electric sockets to name a few.

Contamination occurs when the cockroach moves from filthy areas  to food storage and prep areas.
Cockroaches will eat practically anything from human food to leather, wallpaper and even each other.




  • LIFE CYCLE:      100 – 200 days, the female carries the Ootheca  (egg case) attached to the abdomen, then falls off when the eggs are ready to hatch, each case can contain up to 40 eggs and can produce between 4 – 8 egg cases over their lifetime.
  • LENGTH:      12 – 15mm long (fully grown)
  • COLOUR:       Brownish yellow in colour with two black streaks close to the head, they are winged , but don’t fly.
  • HABITATS & HABITS:       They favour  humid conditions, excellent climbers including smooth surfaces, they prefer hiding in narrow cracks close to a food source.


German Cockroach  (Blatella Germanica)

Oriental Cockroach  (Blata Orientalis)




  • LIFE CYCLE:        Can be up to 500 days, Females produce capsules containing 14 – 16 eggs and over her lifetime can produce up to 10 capsules.
  • LENGTH:       17mm – 30mm (fully grown)
  • COLOUR:       Very dark, almost black.
  • HABITATS & HABITS:      They prefer cool, damp and dark places like basements and cellars, they are tolerant to very cold weather and are most active at dawn.


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