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Discreet rodent monitoring

If your business premises has sensitive areas where the presents of conventional rodent monitoring is seen as off putting by your customers we can install a range of devises that are cleverly disguised or hidden from view.


Only available on contracts.

Protecta Rock Bait Station

Rat bait stations designed to look like rocks for discrete baiting programmes.


Available in granite and sandstone.

Rodent Bait Bins

These high quality bins are ideal for use in public areas such as parks and communal areas. They house two rat bait stations securely enclosed in the base.


Available in green or black.

Underground Bait Station

The underground bait station has been designed to offer the perferct solution to baiting in public areas, including parks, recreation areas and other urban areas.


This station offers discretion and security. The manhole cover is secured down by two fixings to prevent unauthorised access.

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