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Grey Squirrels  (Sciurus carolinensis)



The Grey Squirrel is not native to the UK and despite the myth was not responsible for the decline in our delicate Red Squirrel population, however, cute as they may appear they are responsible for the damage of trees by stripping bark, shoots and buds, our flower beds and even raiding birds nests for eggs and their young.


Its when they find their way in to our loft spaces that they pose a danger to us, behaving similar to mice and rats in that they gnaw on wiring and cables causing a fire risk, you may not realise you have them lodging in your loft until you hear noises and find gnaw marks in the joists and beams.                                  



  • LIFE CYCLE: Females only mate twice a year, males mate at any time, gestation period is 6 weeks, Giving birth to between 3 and 9 naked young usually between March/ April and again in June/ July. In the wild Grey Squirrels can live for up to 10 years although the majority manage 3- 4 years.

  • LENGTH: Adult squirrels range from 400mm - 550mm

  • WEIGHT: 400 - 600g

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