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The most common flea found today is the cat flea.


Flea infestation may cause intense itching and skin inflammation.

Adult fleas can survive for a surprisingly long time without feeding, therefore an unoccupied house left empty for months, could harbour fleas waiting to attack.


  • LIFE CYCLE:    5 weeks – 1 year depending on conditions, after each blood meal the female lays between 4 – 8 eggs, equating to several hundred eggs over her lifetime, the pupal period can also be prolonged for up to a year.

  • LENGTH:    2mm.

  • APPEARANCE:     Small, brown and wingless, these insects are laterally flat and have powerful spiny legs and mouthparts adapted to pierce and suck.

  • HABITATS & HABITS:     Fleas have the ability to transmit disease to humans, due to having many host species to feed on such as rats, dogs, cats and foxes, etc

Cat Fleas  (Ctenocephalides felis)

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